Question & Answers

Q. Where can I take my new or used vehicle for general service repairs?

A. We recommend that you use a factory franchised dealer for your maintenance and general repairs. You can use any Ford or Lincoln franchised facility.

Q. So what made you decided to sell your franchises back to Ford?

A. There comes a point where a business must consider the income that it is able to generate verses the costs involved in owning a franchise and the return needed to justify the equity in the company. This must be analyzed for both sort and long term. Most people would be amazed at the costs involved in having a new car franchise. Many of these costs are paid directly to Ford and do not change with volume. For example, just to order a new car there are fixed costs. A dealer must pay to access the order information, print the information (at our time and expense) and pay for the equipment and access to order the vehicle. So whether you order one car or ten, the costs do not change. In addition to fees paid to Ford for various services, there are many other costs to suppliers, venders and services providers. More often than not the expenses are not related to volume but are fixed.